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Bank set to move 150 jobs to NG˛
-– Nottingham Evening Post


Halifax Bank of Scotland is to move up to 150 jobs to Nottingham.
The company is to take a new 30,000 sq ft office complex at NG² business park for its Halifax general insurance business.

The jobs will move from Kegworth. HBOS indicated that staff will be helped with costs resulting from the move.

Most of the jobs involve dealing with health, motor, house and contents insurance.

The company will lease an £8m office to be built at the NG² business park, off Queen’s Drive, by October.

It is thought the space would allow a further 200 jobs to be created.

NG² has been developed by Miller Birch on the site of the Royal Ordnance gun factory.

Mark Bielby, development director of Miller Birch, said: “HBOS is one of the country’s best known institutions and brands.

“The decision to locate its new operations at NG² underlines the fact that the development is becoming the prominent location for the professional services sector in Nottingham and the East Midlands.”

About half the NG² site is now committed.

Experian has taken 80,000 sq ft for the first stage of its Landmark offices with an option for a further 16,000 sq ft.

Law firm Geldards have taken 22,700 sq ft in the Ark while royal bankers Coutts have taken 5,650 sq ft in the same building.
NG² has planning consent for one million sq ft of offices.

Mr Bielby added: “We have tried to create a high-class business park such as Miller’s Edinburgh Park scheme in Edinburgh. The high-quality environment is an important factor.”

The idea for NG² came from Peter Gadsby, who heads up Miller Birch, a joint venture with Edinburgh-based Miller.

It set out to create a 45-acre business park, which would attract major companies.

Experian last month formally opened its Landmark offices at NG², consolidating several of its offices from around Nottingham.



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