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Halifax move set to give city extra –
- Nottingham Evening Post


Halifax Home Insurance’s decision to base its national team in Nottingham is one of the biggest inward investments the city has seen for years.

Halifax will be relocating 110 staff from Kegworth to its new offices at the NG² Business Park next October and creating a further 200 jobs in the city.

The initial 40-string office at Kegworth has grown rapidly to 110 and needs more room for expansion.

Halifax Home Insurance says it has a unique, award-winning approach to claims handling.

Highly trained staff called personal claims consultants visit customers at home, where they settle many claims on the spot.
The team at the office is an essential support, arranging appointments for customers, liaising with contractors and arranging for repair or replacement of damaged or stolen goods.

Recruiting will start early in the new year and continue into 2007.
Julia Davies, head of customer care, household and travel, said: “The building on the NG² site is large enough to cope with our planned expansion.

“We wanted to keep it in the East Midlands so those in the Kegworth office can move and relocate to the Nottingham office.

“There was nowhere suitable in the Kegworth area.

“We are very happy with the way our business has developed in the East Midlands.”

It was an agonising wait for Peter Gadsby, the boss of Miller Birch.
For months, he thought he had parent company Halifax Bank of Scotland lined up for a 30,000 sq ft office block at NG², which is on the site of the old Royal Ordnance factory in The Meadows.
But it was only this week that the ink went on to contracts – with building starting immediately.

The offices must be up and running for October 2.

Mr Gadsby said: “I have done many regenerations and this is my best yet.

“In 2002 when we started this business park, it was on the back of 2,000 jobs lost at the Royal Ordnance factory.

“We had tremendous support from Nottingham City Council to believe in what we were going to do – create one of the best quality developments seen in and around the city.

“The success was led by a visit to Edinburgh Park in Edinburgh by our sister company Miller. One of the lessons was that by setting the quality and landscaping early, you set the standard."

“The moment we got Experian on to NG², that set the tone.”
The site has also attracted law firm Geldard, private bankers Coutts and Inchcape, which runs the Mercedes Benz dealership.
Mr Gadsby said Miller Birch had expected to create 2,000 jobs at NG² but he has revised that figure upwards to 3,000.

He said: “We already have 1,000 jobs on the site and the investment value is £150m. We have already banked £70m – it is a tremendous success. I am really pleased we got the confidence of everybody.”

Craig Straw, director of business space at joint agents Innes England, said: “This is fantastic news for Nottingham.

“It is the largest inward investment in the city since Capital One back in the late 1990s and brings another blue chip occupier to the city.



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